Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Occasional visitors to this blog will have noticed repeated mentions here of my love of the Old West and of the long-forgotten writers who used to be widely published and widely read in an earlier American that was in many ways more literate and more interested in our past than we are today. I'm old enough now to feel profoundly nostalgic for that America we've lost owing to the endless distractions technology has inflicted on us, which have reduced our attention spans to nanoseconds and transformed so many of us into texting, cell-phoning, Blackberrying zombies, cutting us off from any form of reflection, much less of meditation on our history. I've made efforts in my writing to break through all that static and put us in touch with our past, and to some extent have been sucessful. But my wish to connect us with our frontier experience has gone unfulfilled; publishers won't touch the Westerns I write, which are inspired by the authors I admired in my youth, many of whom I've mentioned in previous posts on this blog. So I've determined to extract some of those many-times-rejected Westerns from their long sleep in my hard drive and start publishing them in another blog which I call RANGERIDER and which can now be found at I hope those of you who follow me here will also check out that site. I also hope some of you will like what you see there. Either way, let me know.

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