Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My wife Ruth and I flew out of Colorado Springs last Saturday just ahead of the outbreak of the brush fires there which are now consuming homes and natural growth at an unprecedented rate.  Colorado is extremely dry and temperatures ranged from the 90s to the 100s during our two-week visit.  We wish good fortune to the many fine folks in the area whom we met on our trip at this dangerous time.  Our purpose for the trip was partly pleasure--a visit to Ruth's family--and partly business.  I traveled a bit over the central and southern portions of the state to snap photos to illustrate my forthcoming nonfiction book Season of Terror, due out next spring. Now that we're back in our mountain home in North Carolina, I'm putting the final touches on manuscript, art work and captions, on a pace to send the package off to the University Press of Colorado by month's end.  To show you something of the spectacle that Colorado affords, I'm attaching a photograph that is representative of what one finds while roaming the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

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