Thursday, November 22, 2012


Some of you who've followed this blog know that I've been experiencing, first, a serious onset of depression, and, second, a weird disorientation involving vertigo and forgetfulness, an unsettling mixture of ailments which are, according to Ruth, who looked up the symptoms online, a condition called transient global amnesia.  (Of course Ruth and other friends have strongly recommended I get the advice of an actual medical professional rather than rely on a website.)  I can remember who I am, who Ruth and Dexter and Salem are, and the identities of most of my friends, though I keep thinking I've just returned from a trip that I haven't taken, or that I have a pending appoinment at my old office back in Washington, DC, or that my father, who's been gone now for more than a decade, is coming to visit.  The condition is supposed to be caused by anxiety, which as all of you know, I'm apt to experience from time to time.

As is usual when I'm not feeling well, Dexter and Salem rallied to give me aid.  Ruth, of course, also nursed me like the angel she is .  She took the attached photo of our pets ministering to me.  Salem is black--hence his name, evoking as it does the Salem witch trials--and somewhat hard to distinguish, but is lying against my face.  Dexter is all too visible.  Their ministrations seem to have worked, as I'm feeling somewhat better this morning, though still a little queasy.  Of course in the photos I am looking my very best (!).  But as you also know, I have no shame, so I'm posting one of the pictures just to show how you well I'm taken care of when, in my present dotage, I fall into one of my periodic trances.

In closing I want to thank those of you who have purchased my e-book Vengeance on the Sweetgrass from  I wrote it several years ago before I lasped into my present state.  I hope to rally soon and put several more books online, which I think are quite good but which publishers have repeatedly turned down.  Maybe that too is proof that I'm a victim of transient global amnesia, or maybe even something worse.

SO, since the title of this post is "Thanksgiving," I want to extend my genuine gratitude to Ruth, Salem and Dexter for bringing me back to rational consciousness (sort of) on this special day devoted to counting our blessings.  I also want to thank you, dear readers, for checking in on me from time to time.  After all, it's you who keep me going--along with Ruth and our beloved pets.

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