Sunday, May 26, 2013


Blogs are, by definition, relentlessly and often sickening personal; so I thought I'd give you guys a break and stop maundering on about myself and give some exposure to the REALLY important members of my family. I didn't feel it was necessary to include another photo of our cat Salem, since his sublime visage already graces my About page.  And of course I've featured Ruth here before, but Ruth deserves a second look if not more--certainly a lot more than Salem, curmudgeon that he is.  If you don't believe me, and especially if you don't know Ruth, do check out the above photo and prepare to be dazzled by her beautiful smile and touched by Dexter's winsome presence.  I often tell Ruth she saved my life and she did.  She was there when I crawled out of the smoking rubble of my first marriage, bereft of any belief in myself and certainly bereft of any belief in the possibility of love.  She has taught me the meaning of love in the years since.  I could not draw breath without her.  And Dexter, well, he's sweet.  But he sheds.  Ruth doesn't.

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