Friday, April 13, 2012


Fervent thanks to my wife Ruth and Britt Kaufmann, the two most remarkable women I know--Ruth for her devotion, inventiveness, beauty both physical and spiritual, and never-flagging belief in my work; and Britt for her astonishing array of artistic talents--lo, my new website is now complete, up and running on all browsers, and Ruth and Britt did it all.  I invite you to visit the whole site and marvel at what they have accomplished on my behalf. 

Luddite that I am, I was utterly helpless during the process of reconstruction--could only stand by wringing my sweaty hands and uttering pitiful mewling sounds while Ruth worked, well, ruthlessly, many an evening after a long day of her own important and demanding work as a caregiver consultant for Project CARE to make imaginative adjustments to Britt's oiginal concept.  Britt, a stay-at-home mom who has somehow managed also to become an acclaimed poet, playwright, website designer, teacher and lecturer, was constantly on call with helpful suggestions and technical knowhow.  Their photos are below, Ruth at the top and Britt below; I'd have sized them equally and side-by-side but they don't know I'm doing this, so I can't ask them to equalize the images.  I may be inept but I mean well.

The site would not exist without the work of these two fabulous women.  I invite you to explore it at, of which this blog is a part. 

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