Saturday, August 12, 2017


It was May of 2016 when I last posted on this blog.  Ruth and I were on the verge of moving from our mountainside home on Cattail Creek in the mountains above Burnsville, NC to the nearby city of Asheville.  Now it is mid-August of 2017 and Ruth, my young, beautiful and fortunately tech-savvy wife, has managed to explain, and has kindly demonstrated to my barely comprehending self, the details of how to reopen the blog--information that vascular dementia had scrubbed from my memory.  For the few who may have been attempting to follow my posts during the blog's blackout I must apologize for the intervening silence and assure you that I do indeed still live and breathe, however imperfectly.  I refrain from attempting to describe the actual move for the good and simple reason that it was indescribable.  But we are now happily ensconced in our cabin (see below) in the Leicester community of Asheville and are beginning to recover from our ordeal.
We have met our neighbors and they have been kind and welcoming.  Ruth's work as regional ombudsman protecting the rights of the elderly in long-term care settings proceeds well, considerably improved by the reduction in her commuting time.  As noted above, I am attempting to deal with some aging issues and when those constraints ease a bit I am still able to write.  I will probably be blogging about some of them in future posts in the hope my observations may prove instructive to the many of us who may one day face face them.

I am pleased to resume my place as the Fictionmonger and I hope you and I may have many more opportunities to interact.

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